Our ski Pionnier 104 in Blister Review 2022-23

Our Pionnier 104 is the first ski from Quebec to be featured in the famous winter buying guide Blister!

Blister is THE reference in ski evaluation. Based in Colorado, the company is known worldwide for their honest and thorough reviews.

Honest and thorough reviews

Blister Review evaluates hundreds of alpine skis from different manufacturers on snow every year with the most rigorous methodology. That's why it's considered one of the most honest, accurate and useful buying guides in the world.

Here are some excerpts from Luke Koppa's article:
"The main thing that has struck me so far about this ski is that it is very intuitive."

"...sometimes it takes me several runs to really feel comfortable and confident on a new touring ski. With the Pionnier 104, it only took a few turns."

" ...the Pionnier 104 might be a good choice, as it proves even more engaging and maneuverable at low speeds than many skis in its class."

Blister members can read the full article: right here

Growth outside Quebec

This kind of international recognition for one of our skis is for us synonymous with growth outside Quebec. We are touched and proud that our in-house expertise in ski engineering is recognized outside the province.

Playful, energetic and agile

The Pionnier 104 is an off-piste ski designed for alpine touring, distinguished by its playful and dynamic on-snow behavior. This ski is very versatile in a wide variety of snow conditions and terrain, from firm snow to powder.

The popularity of the Pionnier 104 has always been very strong, so much so that this model has been out of stock three times since its first launch.