Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104
Pionnier 104

Pionnier 104

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Choosing the right ski size is very important for an optimal skiing experience. There are several factors to consider when choosing the size of your ski, such as: its size, its weight and the type of ski.

You will find below a table to guide you in the choice of your ski size, according to your height. However, it is important to consider your needs and the places where you ski.

Your height [pi'in'']/[cm] Pionnier 104 Explo 96 Zigzag 92
5'3''/160 cm 164 cm 162 cm -
5'5''/165 cm 164 - 172 cm 162 cm -
5'7''/170 cm 172 cm 172 cm -
5'9''/175 cm 180 cm 172 cm 177 cm
5'11''/180 cm 180 cm 182 cm 177 cm
6'1''/185 cm 188 cm 182 cm 177 cm
6'3''/190 cm 188 cm 182 cm -

Why choose a longer ski?

  • Your ski experience level is advanced/expert
  • You like to ski fast and enjoy stability at high speeds
  • You like to ski aggressively
  • You are looking for a better flotation
  • You are heavier than average for your size
  • You think your current skis are too short
  • You ski on terrain with a lot of space

Why choose a shorter ski?

  • You are a beginner in alpine skiing
  • You prefer agility to flotation
  • You ski more slowly / you want to start turns at low speed
  • You do not ski aggressively
  • You are lighter than average for your height
  • You think your current skis are too long
  • You ski on narrow terrain

We suggest:

Pionnier 104 | Approximately the height of the person + a few cm
Explo 96 | About the size of the person and a few cm less
Zigzag 92 | About the skier's height

The Pionnier 104, our first model - our flagship ski. It's designed for skiers looking for powder, steep slopes, and uncrowded glades. This ski will give you the stability and flotation you need for powder. It's playful, energetic and agile.

Questions? Please contact us, we're always happy to help!

  • Flexible rear spatula : Helps control in variable terrain.
  • camber 3P : Engaging and maneuverable ski at low speeds - a plus for low angle terrain.
  • Semi-cap sidewall : Semi-cap sidewall: This construction offers the same durability and edge retention as the standard or "sandwich" construction, but with less weight and better impact resistance. Unlike other manufacturers, our semi-cap construction includes a full-length sidewall for added protection. protection.
  • Climbing tail : The tail of our skis is designed to hold your skins in place. Plus, it can be notched for a better fit with your skin clip. So you can venture out with confidence, even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Short radius (16m) :  Allows you to initiate fast and energetic turns (perfect for tight couloirs). Very agile and playful ski.
  • Progressive flex in the front : exceptional flotation in powder.
  • Good ratio of stiffness and flexibility
    • Learn more about the stiffness distribution : click here






Front tip width (mm)





Skate width (mm)





Width of rear shovel (mm)





Radius (m)





Weight per ski (g)





To see the detailed image, click here.

  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec (Canada)
  • Carbon neutral
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free shipping in Canada

If you're one of those people who gets straight to the point, then this video is for you.

Meet Jonathan, co-founder, in this video where he explains in detail the features of this ski.

Inside your skis.

The poplar wood cores used in our skis come from sustainable forests in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, located less than 100 km from the manufacturing plant. This means that cutting is done with the greatest respect for the environment. Selective cutting is done to improve forest regeneration. Finally, poplar makes the skis lighter and more resistant.

The birch reinforcement plate of the PIONNIER 104 adds extra strength under the boot while minimizing the associated weight addition. The birch allows the PIONNIER to be safe while remaining light and playful.

Our topsheet is 50% biobased. Biobased materials are made from renewable organic material. In addition, it contains 20% recycled materials and is made with castor oil. This makes our skis extremely durable and waterproof, which guarantees the longevity of our products.

Although fiberglass is not as rigid as carbon fiber, it is stronger. Strength is the ability of a fiber to not break under the weight of a load. That's why this fiber is the ideal choice when it comes to adding strength and durability to skis.

Carbon fiber has the perfect mechanical properties for building high-end skis. It is also well suited for touring skis because of its excellent
lightness/stiffness ratio. Carbon makes the ski light on the way up, but strong on the way down.

We use Entropy Resins' Super Sap epoxy in all our skis. This epoxy is biobased, which means that the materials used to make it are derived from renewable organic materials. In addition, this epoxy offers the same performance as traditional resins, but with less environmental impact.

Stiffness distribution.

We have provided you with the stiffness distributions of our skis. More transparency, more information and a quantified and objective way to inform you.


Combining performance and eco-design.

Making skis that perform well while respecting nature is a matter of course for us. Because nature is above all our playground... This is why we are committed to producing all our ski technologies in a more sustainable way.


Life cycle analysis.

In collaboration with an external environmental firm, we have analyzed each step of the production of our skis to evaluate their environmental footprint.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Stephan Perreault
De la joie !

Au départ c'était la fierté de me procurer un ski québécois, produits par une équipe de passionnés qui étudient à la même faculté que moi jadis... (fin 1980...) Avec des valeurs écologiques, que demander de plus ? Évidemment, du plaisir et de la performance ! Et c'est au rendez-vous : on a donc les 104 pour les Chics Chocs et les quelques journées de poudreuse en station et les Explo pour nos journées régulières en station.

Ski extrêmement polyvalent, impressionnant!

Depuis que j'ai acheté mes Pionnier 104, je pense vendre mes 2 autres paires de ski! C'est fini le temps d'avoir une paire de skis pour chaque type d'usage! Je les utilise en randonnée dans tous types de conditions et dans les pistes, c'est une joie de skier avec, en tout temps. Je recommande à 100%, fière d'un aussi bon produit québécois.

Michael Wenzl
Pionnier 104

Le 104, c’est du pur plaisir, autant en neige folle que sur piste. Un vrai 1er de classe, à l’image de ses concepteurs.

Merci Ferreol.

Pierre-Luc Zaharia
Fier ski québécois!

Après plusieurs semaine de vérif, j'ai choisi les Férréols 104 car je voulais encourager une compagnie québécoise. Ces skis ne déçoivent pas! Très joueur, facile à controler sur n'importe quelles types de surfaces et assez léger pour ne pas être déplaisant en ascension. Seul bémol, derrière le 4 au lieu du 5 étoiles, est la durabilité. Certes, je suis demandant avec mes skis, mais j'ai l'impression qu'ils sont un peu fragiles. Reste à confirmer :)


Ski joueur, réactif. Flotte dans la poudreuse, précis dans les sous bois en vieille neige et carve sur le dammé (puisqu’il faut passer par là des fois). Super produit!