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Ski Michel

9414 Boulevard Sainte-Anne,


QC, G0A 3C0

T: (418) 580-5959

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94 Rue Jacques-Cartier E,

Chicoutimi, QC, G7H 1Y3

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Company history

Native from Beaupré, Québec, Ferreol saw the light of day for the first time in 2019. Founder by three ski and outdoor enthousiast, it was created with a simple purpose: conceive and manufacture more versatile and eco-friendly skis, for the people here and over seas.

The founders

It's during their college engineering classes that the three founders discovered themselves to have similar passions for not only skis, but creative thinking. When talking about their accomplishments, all of them had made a project related to sking somehow, Étienne with a ski press, Félix with a ski lift and Jonathan with a snow cannon! With a commun interest, and complimentary strenghts, they decided to bond together and start the company that is now Ferreol.

Director of Operations

Jonathan Audet

Director of Research and Development

Etienne Boucher

Executive Director

Félix Lapointe

Awards and distinctions

Since the beginning of it's young existence, Ferreol has been a leader in the startup business, leading to many awards and distinction. We would very much like to thank every contributor that helped us grow!



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Bourse Eggenius Envol

In May 2020, Ferreol was finalist and the winner of the Bourse Eggenius Envol, which aims to encourage the development at the faculty of engineering at Université Laval. RBC being the donator, the 15 000$ award is helping us with the R&D at Ferreol.

Bourse Forces AVENIR

In March 2020, Ferreol was seen as a finalist in the Business and Old Life Association. This university-level award has given us a $500 scholarship.

In April 2020, Ferreol was seen as one of three companies to be finalists in the Forces AVENIR competition

Bourse Entrepreneuriat Laval

In April 2020, Ferreol was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and prize of $2,000 when it participated in the affaire plan contest organizing Entrepreneurship Laval

Subvention Mitacs

In October 2019, Ferreol obtained a subvention from Mitacs Acc. to continue R&D to integrate natural fibers into the making of our skis.

Programme VIP3

In September 2019, Ferreol was selected to participate in the incubation program by VIP3, made possible my Entrepreneuriat Laval and Eggenius aiming to help young entrepreneurs in engineering to develop knowledge.

Bourse Eggenius Éveil

In April 2019, Ferreol was awarded the Eggenius Awakening Scholarship, a scholarship to encourage the launch of the companies of students of the science and enginering at Université Laval. Awarded by donor DS Lawyers, the scholarship co-ededed at the start of the venture by funding part of the research and development loans.

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