About us

The company's history

A native of Beaupré, Quebec, Ferreol is a start-up that was founded two years ago. Founded by three ski and outdoor enthusiasts, the company was created with a specific objective: to design and manufacture more versatile alpine skis, which enable them to meet the demands of skiers from here and abroad.

Ferreol, a mission

Ferreol is much more than skis. It's a community, a way of life and products think differently. Skis designed for adventure and made entirely in the Quebec City, in perfect harmony with sustainable development. Our customers are at the heart development of our products and that's why we offer skis especially adapted to Quebec and eastern North American conditions.

Pioneering the sustainable ski industry is the ambitious goal that we, the three co-founders of Ferreol, we are set. That's why, from the design phase product, we put environmental and societal issues at the forefront that concern us all.