Innovation Lab

With its extensive expertise in ski engineering, Ferreol develops the technologies of tomorrow.

With its extensive expertise in ski engineering, Ferreol develops new materials, new technologies and new processes, all of which are environmentally responsible, for the ski industry. In addition to the design, manufacturing and sales of skis, the company has an innovation laboratory that aims to be a vector of change by proposing innovative solutions in line with sustainable development for the ski industry.

The engineering team

Jonathan Audet

Co-founder &
Director of Operations

As a master's student in mechanical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke, he is studying the behavior of alpine skis on snow. His role is to link the perceptions of skiers on snow to the set of physical properties of a ski such as geometry, flexural stiffness and torsional stiffness. At Ferreol he is the ski designer and participates in the skiability analysis of the different products.

Étienne Boucher

Co-founder &
Director of Research and Development

Étienne oversees most of the company's research and development projects. He designs and manufactures the various test benches, prototypes and performs all the laboratory tests.

Philippe Gosselin

Specialist in ski mechanics

With a master's degree in mechanical engineering on the vibration of alpine skis, he is also in charge of the analysis of ski durability, the development of predictive digital models of skis on snow, the environment division and the splitboard division.

Fields of expertise and services

Are you concerned about the dynamic behavior of your ski? Our team is able to analyze the dynamic behavior on snow and in the laboratory as well as to conduct dynamic simulations on your ski. You will then have quantitative measurements that will allow you to orient your design.

Our test bench is specially designed to artificially age skis. In less than a week, the ski is flexed over 100,000 times or the equivalent of 2 seasons of use. Soaking and freeze-thaw cycles also simulate arrid winter conditions. By comparing the evolution of your ski to our database, we will be able to study the resistance and durability of your skis.

With our exclusive Ferreol ski design software, we can quickly design skis with the desired geometric properties to achieve precise on-snow feel. Want a stable ski for downhill skiing? Our team will precisely adjust the torsional stiffness distribution, length and camber of the ski to achieve this.

In order to optimize ski performance and minimize their environmental footprint, skis must be redesigned right down to their materials. Ferreol has the expertise to evaluate the potential of new natural, bio-based or recyclable materials.

Ferreol puts a lot of emphasis on the life cycle analysis of its skis. If you would like to quantify the global warming potential of your skis, contact our experienced team.

In order to push the performance of skis to the maximum, our team has developed programs to simulate the behavior of skis on snow. This level of detail allows for in-depth analysis of the performance and potential of new technologies or new ski designs.

Special projects at Ferreol

Development of a new high performance aluminum alloy

Ski Designer software

Development of natural fiber skis

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