The founders

The founders

The three founders having met at the bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, they discovered that they all had the same chemistry, a passion for skiing and an entrepreneurial spirit. It was when they got to know each other that they discovered that they had each accomplished a project related to skiing in their youth, namely the construction of a ski lift (Félix), a snow cannon (Jonathan) and a ski press (Etienne). It is with this fruit of chance while noting their complementary strengths and their common interest that they decided to found the company Ferreol.

Felix Lapointe

Administrative Director

Bronze medalist at the Canadian Road Cycling Championships in 2013, Félix is ​​now passionate about downhill skiing and whitewater kayaking. With his experience in the field of start-ups and being familiar with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Félix has developed an ease in starting a business.

With the knowledge he has in the different spheres of entrepreneurship, Félix takes care of the management of Ferreol and is the one behind the brand image and marketing.

Jonathan Audet

Director of Operations

High-level skier and Quebec ski slopestyle champion in 2014, Jonathan has been a keen skier since he was young. Working in the ski industry for more than 9 years, he has developed a keen sense for recognizing business opportunities.

With his background as an experienced skier and his ability to listen market needs, Jonathan is the one who designs the geometries and compositions of Ferreol skis. The latter also takes care of everything related to sales and customer service for the company.

Etienne Boucher

Research and Development Director

Serial creator, Etienne is self-taught and on the lookout for new technologies. Through the design and manufacture of a 3D printer, an automated carbon fiber winder and a mini-trailer, Etienne is the ingenious man behind the technologies used by Ferreol for the prototyping of its skis.

With his design and manufacturing skills, Etienne is in charge of designing and manufacturing all the machines needed for prototyping at Ferreol.