Awards - Scholarships

Since the beginning of its young life, the company has distinguished itself in several spheres of entrepreneurship and this is what has allowed it to collect several awards and distinctions. The company would like to thank every employee who helped propel Ferreol.



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Eggenius Flight Scholarship

In May 2020, Ferreol was declared a finalist and winner of the   Eggenius Envolcompetition, a competition aimed at encouraging business development for students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Laval University. As the donor is the   Royal Bank of Canada,Ferreol was presented with a $15,000 award to fund research and development and expansion of the company.

Forces AVENIR Scholarship

In March 2020, Ferreol was selected as a finalist in the Business and Economic Life category at Laval University. This university-level award was awarded a $500 scholarship.

In April 2020, Ferreol was selected as one of three   companies that were finalists in the Forces AVENIR Capital-Nationale sector competition in the Business and Economic Life category and was awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

Laval Entrepreneurship Scholarship

In April 2020, Ferreol was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and a $2,000 prize when he participated in the business plan competition organized by   Entrepreneuriat Laval.

Mitacs Grant

In October 2019, Ferreol was awarded a Mitacs Acceleration grant to continue in-house research and development on   the integration of natural fibres into alpine skis.

VIP3 program

In September 2019, Ferreol was selected to be part of the companies participating in the VIP3 incubation program, a mid-program

s on feet by   Entrepreneuriat Laval   and   Eggenius to help entrepreneurs in the Faculty of Science and Engineering develop their entrepreneurial knowledge.

Eggenius Awakening Scholarship

In April 2019, Ferreol was awarded the   Eggenius Awakening Scholarship,a scholarship to encourage the launch of companies for students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Laval University. Awarded by donor   DS Lawyers, the scholarship helped launch the company by funding some of the first stages of research and development.