Technologies in development

The work behind the design of the skis is not just to design skis, but to design the feelings and emotions that will be felt on the snow so that each of your outings is memorable. As the difference is in the details, no element is left to chance.

The pioneer in the sustainable ski industry

True to our values, we place great importance on the provenance and quality of the materials we select.

Flax fibers

Well known in the food field for seeds, flax
is a plant that can also be used as a fibre
natural materials.

In addition to having good vibration damping properties,
this fiber is practically carbon-neutral to produce. his
mechanical properties lie between fibreglass and fibreglass
carbon fiber, making flax an ideal candidate to replace
glass and carbon.

We are developing flax fibre technology that will reduce the ecological footprint of our alpine skis by substituting the majority of synthetic fibres used. The technology will be commercialized in the coming months.

The poplar of the Lower St. Lawrence

The lower St. Lawrence poplar is used in the heart of our skis for its mechanical properties and lightness. Being known to be a low-density wood species, poplar owes its particular properties to its rapid growth.

Maple, an icon

To benefit from increased stiffness, maple is a wood species that we use in one of the wooden cores of our skis. An icon of Canada, the maple we use is also a nod to the country of ferreol skis.