******* 112 (COMING SOON)

******* 112 (COMING SOON)

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Choosing the right ski size is very important for an optimal skiing experience. There are several factors to consider when choosing the size of your ski, such as: its size, its weight and the type of ski.

You will find below a table to guide you in the choice of your ski size, according to your height. However, it is important to consider your needs and the places where you ski.

Your height [pi'in'']/[cm] Pionnier 104 Explo 96 Zigzag 92
5'3''/160 cm 164 cm 162 cm -
5'5''/165 cm 164 - 172 cm 162 cm -
5'7''/170 cm 172 cm 172 cm -
5'9''/175 cm 180 cm 172 cm 177 cm
5'11''/180 cm 180 cm 182 cm 177 cm
6'1''/185 cm 188 cm 182 cm 177 cm
6'3''/190 cm 188 cm 182 cm -

Why choose a longer ski?

  • Your ski experience level is advanced/expert
  • You like to ski fast and enjoy stability at high speeds
  • You like to ski aggressively
  • You are looking for a better flotation
  • You are heavier than average for your size
  • You think your current skis are too short
  • You ski on terrain with a lot of space

Why choose a shorter ski?

  • You are a beginner in alpine skiing
  • You prefer agility to flotation
  • You ski more slowly / you want to start turns at low speed
  • You do not ski aggressively
  • You are lighter than average for your height
  • You think your current skis are too long
  • You ski on narrow terrain

We suggest:

Pionnier 104 | Approximately the height of the person + a few cm
Explo 96 | About the size of the person and a few cm less
Zigzag 92 | About the skier's height

Our latest and most coveted ski to date. Ferreol's widest ski, dedicated to powder days. We designed this ski for maximum flotation and ease of turning. It's light, playful and has a large surface area, allowing you to float on deep, ungroomed snow.
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  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec (Canada)
  • Carbon neutral
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free shipping in Canada