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Carbon offsetting

Do you want to add carbon compensation?

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Did you know that the use phase of your skis is the step that emits the most greenhouse gases in all the life of your skis? Although all Ferreol skis are carbon neutral, it is up to you to compensate for your use.

In partnership with Carbone Boréal, we offer you the compensation service for your transport related to skiing. All of your compensation will go to Carbone Boréal in order to regenerate naturally bare territories from the Quebec boreal forest.

Here are some examples to help you choose the amount of your compensation:

 Travel kgCO2eq Cost
750km in a compact car (8L/100km) 143 5$
1,500km in a compact car (8L/100km) 286 10$
1,350km inSUV (13.4L/100km) 429 15$
2,250km inSUV (13.4L/100km) 714 25$
9,100km by plane (economy class) 1429 50$
8,150km by plane (Business Class) 2143 75$
18,200km by plane (Economy Class) 2857 100$