Zigzag 92

Zigzag 92

The Zigzag 92 is versatile enough to let you explore the whole mountain. From groomed runs to moguls and glades, this ski really has it all.Also a snow park enthusiast? This is the best companion to guarantee hours of fun. It's fun, robust and responsive.


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Delivery planned in mid-November
  • Sidewall semi-cap: This construction offers the same durability and the same edge grip as standard or "sandwich" construction, but with lower weight and better shock resistance. Unlike other manufacturers, our semi-cap construction includes a side wall over the entire length for complete protection.

  • Symmetrical profile : Good hold of the rear spatula for solid turns and for switch riding.

  • Heavu Duty base' : To resist any impact in the park

  • Oversized edges: Make it practically indestructible.

  • Short radius
  • Long progressive rocker

  • Long effective edge

  • Good ratio of rigidity and flexibility
    • Learn more about the distribution of stiffness: Click here



Tip width (mm)


Waist width (mm)


Tail width (mm)


Radius (m)


Weight per ski (g)


  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec
  • Carbon neutral
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free delivery to Canada

Complete the set and receive 10% on bindings and skins:

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À qui s'adresse le Zigzag 92?



The interior of your Zigzag 92

The maple cores used in Ferreol skis come from sustainable forests. This means that harvesting is carried out with the utmost respect for the environment. Selective cutting is performed to enhance forest regeneration. In order to minimize losses, the wood is assembled and travels less than 100 km before arriving at the manufacturing facility located in Rimouski. Finally, maple is a hard and sturdy wood that offers additional strength.

The titanal mounting plate is designed to face the most difficult conditions. It adds isotropic rigidity under the boot, which increases adhesion and stability on firm snow. In addition, its superior quality makes it possible to exceed the necessary safety standards.

Our polyamide topsheet is 50% bio-based, made up of 20% recycled materials and comes from castor oil. This makes our skis extremely durable and waterproof, which guarantees the longevity of our products. In addition, the graphics are digitally printed on this material, which reduces the environmental impact of our topsheet.

Although the fiberglass is not as stiff as carbon fiber, it is stronger. Strength is the capacity of a fiber not to break under the force of a load. This is why this fiber is the ideal choice when it comes to adding strength and sustainability to skis.

We use the Super Sap epoxy of Entropy Resins in all our skis. This epoxy is bio-based, which means that the materials used for its manufacture come from renewable organic matter. In addition, this epoxy offers the same performance as traditional resins, but with a lower environmental impact.

The base and edges of Zigzag 92 have been reinforced to allow you to jump on any module in the snow park with confidence. The base is thicker than that of other skis and the edges are oversized to make the ski more resistant.

Stiffness distributions.

We have available to you the rigidity distributions of our skis. More transparency, more information and a quantified and objective means of informing you.

Bending stiffness

Torsional stiffness

Life cycle analysis.

In collaboration with an external environmental firm, we have analyzed each stage of the production of our skis to assess their environmental footprint.


The Zigzag has been designed to withstand all the challenges one can encounter on a mountain, including snow parks. For this reason, a thicker base and edges, as well as a maple core, have been used. While this increases the carbon footprint of the Zigzag, these materials make it more durable and resilient so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan spoon
Super skis

Really happy to have received my new Zigzag! Skiing looks incredible to ride! I can't wait to ski them in Stoneham and relay all winter! In addition, great service from Ferreol boys! Really a beautiful Quebec company and beautiful products from here!