Zigzag 92
Zigzag 92
Zigzag 92
Zigzag 92
Zigzag 92
Zigzag 92

Zigzag 92

Intrepid and Playful

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1. Get a free FQME annual pass with the purchase of a pair of Ferreol skis from the 2022 collection!

2. Get the installation of the bindings and/or the cutting of the climbing skins for free with the purchase of these!

    With a more freeride vocation, the Zigzag 92 is the brand new ski from Ferreol which completes the range. This twintips type ski is designed for those who particularly like to play in bumps, tight glades and all other types of bumpy terrain. As it is relatively flexible, it gives an appreciated ease in this type of terrain, in addition to making it ideal for jumping and having fun in the snow park. That's why it's built with a sturdier base and edges than standard.

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    Zigzag 92

    The Zigzag 92

    Presented by Jonathan, co-founder


    Length (cm) Profile (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g) / ski
    177 129-92-126 16.5 1930

    Zigzag Geometries 92

    Reference height: 177 cm

    The Zigzag 92

    The ideal ski everywhere on the mountain

    The Zigzag 92

    Freeride at Le Relais ski center



    Although less stiff than carbon fiber, fiberglass is stronger.

    Maple from Bas-Saint-Laurent

    Maple maximizes the durability of your ski so that it is foolproof.

    Titanal mounting plate

    In addition to easily exceeding safety standards, the Titanal mounting plate adds isotropic stiffness under the boot, increasing grip and stability on firmer snow.

    Biobased epoxy

    This 30% biobased resin offers the same performance as traditional resins, but with a lower environmental impact.

    Bio-based topsheet

    Our topsheets made of 50% biobased polyamide are made with castor oil. They are resistant and water-repellent to ensure the durability of your skis.

    Semi-cap construction

    Unlike other manufacturers, our semi-cap construction includes a sidewall over the entire length of the ski for complete protection.

    Stiffness distribution

    The stiffness distribution in bending and torsion of the Zigzag (177cm).

    Set recommended by the Ferreol team

    station set

    Get the FQME annual pass for free!

    To encourage the initiative to develop off-piste ski sites in Quebec and promote respect for codes of ethics in the mountains, Ferreol is proud to be affiliated with the FQME and to offer a free annual pass the FQME with each pair of skis sold!

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