Ferreol skis have been made in Utopia MFG, a world renowned factory for over 20 years. Our skis are therefore manufactured according to strict industrial standards, in order to provide a high quality product. All Ferreol skis are covered up to 2 years after purchase.


The Ferreol skis warranty cannot be transferred and is reserved for the initial buyer. All warranty requests must be accompanied by a copy of the original proof of purchase (if the original proof of purchase cannot be provided when you return under warranty, Ferreol will use the date of manufacture as the starting point for the warranty period).

The article will be repaired or replaced if, after inspection by a certified technician from the Ferreol innovation laboratory, it turns out that it has a defect in materials or manufacturing.

Only Ferreol skis are covered by this guarantee, excluding products from different companies such as bindings And the ascension skins which have their own guarantee of the manufacturer.


All Ferreol skis are covered by a two -year warranty period, after purchase.

What is covered

  • Diaple;
  • Separation of materials;
  • A drastic change in skiing behavior, due to a manufacturing defect.


  • Any damage caused by the crossing of skis or by use on surfaces other than snow and ice;
  • Wear of the perimeter of skiing, base or aesthetics, following a sharpening of skiing, collision with an object or an impact during use;
  • Modification of the physical properties in time, which depends on the number of times the ski is used;
  • Any damage that can be linked to an error in the assembly of bindings (E.g. use of a bad model, a bad tip);
  • Damage caused by changes to skiing.

Even if we use the best materials and processes to make our skis, excessive use can nevertheless damage ski. This is out of our control, which is why the guarantee cannot be applied. Taking care of your skis is the key to keeping them for many years.


    Please fill out the form below. Once your request is submitted, we will process and assess it. The Ferreol team will then contact you to give you instructions and share your decision with you.

    Take our that we cannot process the feedback under warranty without a copy of the original proof of purchase showing that the product is in the warranty period and that you are the original buyer.