Composition: Explo 96 and 86

Poplar core: Poplar cores are sourced from sustainable forests, less than 100 km from the factory. The environmentally-friendly harvesting involves selective cutting to enhance forest regeneration, resulting in lightweight and durable skis.

Titanal plate: The titanal plate is designed to withstand challenging conditions, providing added stiffness under the boot for improved grip and stability on firm snow, exceeding safety standards.

Carbon fibre: Perfect for high-end and touring skis, carbon fibre provides an excellent lightweight-to-stiffness ratio, ensuring lightweight ascent and solid descent performance.

Fibreglass: While fibreglass may not be as rigid as carbon fibre, it possesses greater strength. The strength lies in the fibre's ability to resist breaking under the weight of a load. That's why this fibre is the preferred choice when it comes to imparting strength and durability to skis. 

Biosourced epoxy: Entropy Resins' Super Sap biosourced epoxy utilizes renewable materials, offering performance equivalent to traditional resins with reduced environmental impact.

Biosourced topsheet: The 50% biosourced topsheet, made from renewable materials and 20% recycled materials, is manufactured with castor oil, ensuring exceptional durability and waterproofing.