Warranties and Policies

Warranties and Policies

As our skis are manufactured to the highest quality standards following the strictest industry standards, we are pleased to offer a 2-year warranty on all Ferreol skis . They are manufactured at the internationally renowned Quebec ski factory, located in Rimouski, where more than 20 years of know-how are put to use.

The warranty provides coverage against delamination, separation of materials or even a drastic change in the behavior of the ski due to a manufacturing defect. It is only valid for the original purchaser upon presentation of proof of purchase, so it cannot be transferred. Only skis are covered by this guarantee, thus excluding products from other companies such as bindings and climbing skins which have their own manufacturer's guarantee.

Not covered by the guarantee

Even though we use the best materials and the best processes to manufacture our skis, misuse and excessive use can still end up damaging the ski. These phenomena which are beyond our control, which explains why the guarantee cannot apply. Taking care of your skis is the key to success in keeping your skis for several years.

Not covered:

• Any damage caused by crossing skis or by use on surfaces other than snow and ice.

• Wear of the perimeter of the ski, the base or the cosmetic, following the sharpening of the ski, the collision with an object or an impact during use.

Changes in physical properties over time, which depend on the number of times the ski is used.

• Any damage that may be related to an error in mounting the bindings, such as the use of the wrong jig, the wrong drill bit or other.

Damage caused by modifications made to the ski.

Make a warranty claim

If the worst happens, contact us with this information. We can then assess the file as soon as possible and replace your skis following their evaluation by the engineering department when the warranty is applicable.

• Date of the purchase

• Place of purchase

• Model, size and serial number of the ski (located near the center of the boot)

• Problem related to the ski and description events

• Telephone number to reach you