Spring skiing deal


  • The Ferreol promotion is valid from March 22, 2024, to April 21, 2024.
  • To be eligible for the Ferreol promotion, the purchase of a pair of Ferreol skis for the 2023-2024 season at the regular price is required.
  • The promotion beneficiary may choose to receive either a binding OR climbing skins, with a maximum value of $300 (before taxes) at the regular price.
  • If the beneficiary selects a product with a regular price exceeding $300 (before taxes), they will be required to pay the difference between the regular price of the item (binding or skins) and $300 (before taxes) of the promotion. For example, for a binding with a regular price of $400 (before taxes), the beneficiary must pay the difference of $100 + tax. If the beneficiary chooses a product with a regular price of less than $300, they will receive that item for free. The price difference between the product and $300 will not be deducted elsewhere.
  • The Ferreol promotion beneficiary may only select Ferreol skis and a binding or skins that are available and in stock at the retailer.
  • This Ferreol promotion cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions, whether from the retailer or Ferreol, for the items included in the Ferreol promotion (Ferreol skis, as well as the binding or skins).
  • The Ferreol promotion beneficiary is allowed to purchase other items from the retailer at the prevailing prices. For example, a beneficiary purchasing a pair of Ferreol skis and selecting skins as part of the Ferreol promotion may also purchase a pair of bindings at the prevailing prices from the retailer.

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