The team

Director of Operations

Haut-level skier and Quebec Ski Slopestyle ski champion in 2014, Jonathan has been a ski flock from an early age. With more than 10 years of experience in the ski industry, his knowledge of the products is without excellent contradiction and he has developed an acute sense to recognize business opportunities.

With his luggage as an experienced skier and with his sense of listening to market needs, Jonathan is the one who designs the geometries and the compositions of the Ferreol skis. The latter also takes care of everything related to business sales.

Research and development director

Serial creator, self -taught and on the lookout for new technologies, Etienne has completed multiple engineering projects from a very young age. Going through the design and manufacture of a 3D printer, an automated carbon fiber and a mini-roll-up, Etienne is the ingenious man behind the technologies that Ferreol uses for the prototyping of his skis Alpins.

With its design and manufacturing skills, Etienne is responsible for designing and manufacturing all the machines necessary for prototyping at Ferreol.

Administrative director

Previously bronze medalist at the Canadian Road Cycling Championships in 2013 and now passionate about alpine ski and water kayak, Félix devotes all his free time to Sports de Super-Air. Having acquired experience in the field of start-ups in recent years, Félix has developed an ease in the launching stages of a company.

With the knowledge he has developed concerning the different spheres of a company, Felix is ​​responsible for finance, accounting and all aspects of company administration.

Ski mechanics expert

Philippe is passionate about splitboard and outdoor. He lives full -time in his van, which allows him to find the best snow everywhere in Quebec. He also studied in mechanical engineering and as part of his mastery, he studied the dynamic behavior and vibrations of alpine skis. Philippe is the creative engineering behind Ferreol's innovation projects.

Marketing project manager

Alex is passionate about adventures and outdoors. She started skiing at the age of 2, skiing has always been part of her life. In winter, she spends her weekends going skiing and it was this passion that led her to move to British Columbia. Her dynamic personality and her creative side make her the ideal person to support the team.

Sales representative

Paul is a true ski passion. As soon as he has the opportunity, he ski in the station or in the hinterland. His experience of more than 9 years in the sale of skiing allowed him to develop a solid network of contacts in the ski industry. He studied business administration with a management specialization. It makes him the perfect representative of sales and events.

Director of Happiness

Its name was confirmed when the founders visited Mount Alta in Salt Lake City as part of their commercial mission. Besides, during their visit on June 23, there was still snow on the mountain.

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