Atomic STH 13 WTR

Atomic STH 13 WTR

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Atomic's STH 13 WTR is a binding The STH 13 WTR is a slim, precise freeski, designed for wide powder, park and pipe skis, but with a slightly lower DIN than the STH 16. It features toe height adjustment, so it can be adapted to the soles of alpine or WTR boots. It also features a low-profile frame that offers excellent underfoot feel and allows every body movement to be transferred directly to the snow. Self-retracting high brakes prevent snagging on switch landings and eliminate friction in powder. A maximum DIN value of 13 allows aggressive skiers to engage their best lines with confidence.Features: Lowered frame: A lowered profile optimizes both the feel of the terrain and the transmission of power to the ski. Oversized platform: Extra-wide platform for maximum lateral power transmission, especially on wide skis: Special inserts under the toe and tail improve cushioning and ski forgiveness.

Brakes included (90mm).

DIN: 5-13

WEIGHT2290g per pair