Marker Squire 11

Marker Squire 11

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The new, completely redesigned Squire 11 with its progressive look has been specifically designed for young beginner to intermediate freeriders and freestylers, or for women and lightweights.

The lightweight and fully optimized Triple Pivot Light toe piece features a remarkable Anti Ice Rail to prevent snow and ice from accumulating under the sole. The ultra-modern Hollow Linkage heel unit with an enlarged support surface reduces the effort required to put on by around 35%, including with GripWalk soles.

Overall, the Squire 11 is particularly compact and despite its GripWalk compatibility, it is only 24mm high, thus offering sensations of perfect ski handling. Available in four modern color combinations.




3.0 - 11.0

Recommended skier weight

30 - 110kg

Stand height without ski


Front stopper

Triple Pivot Light 2

Heel piece

Hollow Linkage 2



Brake width

90; 100; 110mm

Type of shoes

Adult, Alpine standard
GripWalk Adult

AFD Gliding Plate

Stainless steel

Brake width