Tyrolia Attack 12

Tyrolia Attack 12

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Largeur des freins
Installation (free with the purchase of a pair of skis)

La binding Attack 12 GW is compact, lightweight and offers consistent release values thanks to the FR PRO 3 tip. The binding offers grip, safety and full power transfer from boot to edge on all terrains. All the bindings Attack boots feature improved stability and a new heel design. The heel can now be adjusted more quickly and in an open position. In addition, the binding is equipped with an improved AFD that reduces friction and guarantees constant release values. The bindings Attack range is compatible with adult alpine ski boots (ISO 5355 TYPE A) and adult walking boots (ISO 23223 TYPE A). Thanks to the improved AFD, it adapts easily to different boot sole heights.

Brakes included (95mm).

DIN: 4-12

WEIGHT2020g per pair