Features - Explo 86

  • Semi-cap sidewall: Semi-cap sidewall: this construction offers the same durability and edge retention as standard or "sandwich" construction, but with lower weight and greater impact resistance. Unlike other manufacturers, our semi-cap construction includes a full-length sidewall for complete protection.
  • Tail block: The tail of our skis is designed to hold your skins in place. What's more, it can be notched for a better fit with your skin clip. So you can venture out with confidence, even in the toughest conditions.
  • Short radius for ski width: Short radius for ski width: allows you to initiate fast, energetic turns (perfect for tight couloirs). A very agile and playful ski.
  • Progressive rocker

  • Grip flex : Increased torsional stiffness for grip and stability.

  • Good ratio of stiffness to flexibility
    • Find out more about stiffness distribution : click here