Features - Pionnier 104

  • Soft rear spatula : helps with control in variable terrain.
  • 3P camber : Ski engaging and handy at low speed - Plus for weak corner terrains.
  • Sidewall semi-cap: This construction offers the same sustainability and the same edge grip as standard or "sandwich" construction, but with lower weight and better impact resistance. Unlike other manufacturers, our semi-cap construction includes a sidewall over the entire length for full protection,
  • Tail block : The tail of our skis is designed to keep your skins in place. In addition, it can be cut for better adjustment with your skin clip, so you can venture with confidence, even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Short radius (16m) : allows you to initiate fast and energetic turns (perfect for tight corridors). Very agile and player skiing.
  • Progressive flex at the front : Exceptional flotation in the powder.
  • Good ratio of stiffness and flexibility
    • Learn more about the distribution of stiffness: Click here